Friday, October 1, 2010

Letters to Mr.Gallagher

I was born is Rhode Island and raised in Malden for two years , then moved to Revere and spent 13 years of my life there. I speak English but understand a little bit of creole My parents are from Haiti, but most people first impression of me is that I’m just African American, as in just black, because the way I look and talk and also dress. As a reader I love to read certain books like about people around my age, tragic, drama and other stuff. My favorites’ authors are Judy Bloom and Sharon G. flake. They write about topics I can relate too. As a writer I’m okay but I don’t answer the question if asked. Sometimes I don’t know how to begin an essay or a paragraph. Honestly I love English sometimes. I learned new things I haven’t before. As a student I sometimes slack off but when something has to be done or a deadline is coming up, I’ll get right on my work. As a friend I expect then to be honest even when it’s harsh or I don’t want to hear it, because I’ll end up appreciating them for that. I sometimes contradict myself because I’m afraid of being honest to them. I’m afraid of losing my friendship with them. As a thinker sometimes relax by myself and just think. I wonder on topics on if I’m going to be here tomorrow or how my life is is going to end up and will I find love. Well this is half the story about me.

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