Friday, October 1, 2010

Blog Assignment # 2: Bruegel's "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus"

In the picture” Landscape of Icarus” by Pieter Bruegel. I see many things throughout the painting. I see many cool colors as in blue and green and warm colors as in yellow and red. In the painting I see trees but what stuck out to me is that the trees are appearing to be black, and so are the little bushes around the coast line of the water. I see cliffs and landscapes. One part if the picture I see an distant island. I see the water and some parts of the water things seem to be appearing out of the water. I see a person doing landscaping with appears to be horse or mule. I see legs sticking out of the water and feathers in the air and water. I see sheep and a man leading them and next to the man I think it appears to be a dog. I see a ship and the ship’s sails. I see the little yellow from a distant. From the distant I see a village maybe and within the village looks likes buildings and houses. I see dirt on the ground. I see two ships, and one of them id from a distant and one’s up close. I see he sky and the colors. In the middle it’s yellow from the sun, but on the sides its blue mixed with white. On the left side of the water there’s a brown rocks there, and I see a hole which looks like an entryway. I see green grass along with the dirt. In se white ripples in the blue/green water. Behind the clouds in the sky I see mountains with a pointy top. I see the man leading the ship looking up to the sky as if he is seeing something. The man leading the sheep is holding a brown bag on his back. It looks like the ships are heading to the little village. Within the sheep are see three brown little animals. I see white strands on the right side of the painting. On the left side of the painting I see flowers near the horse or mules and a little green/black plant. The man leading the horse or mule is wearing red which stands out to me within the whole painting, the man is wearing brown stockings and a light mint green shawl and a dress, and also he is wearing black shoes. The horse or mule has a saddle on its back. The green/blue water is sort of see through. It looks like to me the man ,leading the sheep is going somewhere by the looks of the sheep going into an area, and some are going in a different directions, but he can’t tell because he’s distracted. The island from the distant appears t have something on it. It looks stranded. The man leading the sheep is holding a staff. On the left side of the painting I see birds on the cliff and below the cliff.

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